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Our Recent Projects

Click below to view some of our most recent projects. The motivating factors for becoming energy efficient differ for each client, but for BlueRock Energy Services, total customer satisfaction is always our primary objective.

Kal Manufacturing

Energy Efficiency Project

Kostas Restaurant

LED Lighting Project

Kingpin's Alley

LED Lighting Project

Daniele's Banquet Hall

LED Lighting Project

Our Purpose

Investment in the energy efficiency industry is growing rapidly, and the cost savings available to businesses through efficiency upgrades are significant. BlueRock Energy Services is a total energy efficiency solutions provider focused on helping our customers reduce energy consumption and add cash to their bottom line. The process of becoming energy efficient is complex: the product sets are vast, financing can be hard to come by, and significant knowledge is needed to maximize the return from the numerous rebate programs out there. We take care of all that. Our turn-key approach and brand-impartial philosophy ensures that our customers will receive the best, most cost-effective solution for their application. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our customers in order to help them grow their business.