Recent Projects
Alfred Publishing Company
The Challenge
Alfred Publishing is a national distributor of music books for children and adults. The warehouse was underlit creating a potentially hazardous situation for workers and forklift operators. The light levels also made it difficult to read the stocking information on the music books which could cause shipping errors.

The Solution
Since there was very little natural daylight in the warehouse space, we chose 5000K LED lamps to help bring the outdoors inside. We chose higher lumen lamps to get light down from the ceiling and onto the work spaces below where workers commented on drastically increased visibility on the book titles. We changed out lamps over the shipping areas as well so that the shipments could be more easily checked for quality control. They liked the project so much we are now consulting on

The Results
Higher light illumination has been positively correlated with higher accuracy in order fulfillment. The forklift drivers have also commented on the visibility in the areas with the new lights vs. the old. We also reduced their energy load by 32,000 kWh in the first 6 months while securing nearly $5000 in rebates from the local utility.

BlueRock Energy Services always offers me a project too good to refuse!

-Joe Morales - Alfred Publishing