Recent Projects
BlueRock Energy Headquarters
The Challenge
BlueRock Energy completely renovated the 8th floor of a high rise building in downtown Syracuse and needed a LED fixture package to showcase in their new space. The renovation was designed by an architecture firm and the goal was to provide a smart lighting project using highly efficient LED fixtures.

The Solution
BlueRock Energy Services coordinated with the property management company, architects, electricians, contractors and a number of vendors to implement a state of the art Philips LED fixture design equipped with daylight sensing, occupancy sensing, and zonal control. This new-build challenged our team with maintaining a tight delivery and installation schedule while ensuring the project met the predetermined specifications. We took the design handed to us by the architects, matched it with comparable products from vendors we trust, and completed the project ontime and within budget.

The Results
The smart fixtures are performing as designed adjusting to the natural light in the office space as the sun moves around the building. The daylight dimming is so seamless most employees didn't realize it was working! Likewise, the occupancy sensing is saving energy in unoccupied spaces like conference rooms throughout the day. The state of the art fixture design added a modern touch to what is normally a a non-distinct part of a commercial renovation.