Recent Projects
The Crossings Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre
The Challenge
The Crossings Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre, located in Minoa, specializes in aiding elderly patients with injury or illness. Always leading the pack in cutting edge techniques to strengthen the body and mind, the Crossings saw potential to provide its patients with greater light quality and a more positive and safer atmosphere, all while reducing their overall energy consumption.

The Solution
While doctors and professionals are vital to getting patients back on their feet, quality lighting is crucial for elderly in providing a safe and inviting atmosphere during their stay at a nursing and rehabilitation center. BlueRock Energy Services delivered a comprehensive lighting assessment of the facility and provided The Crossings with a cost effective, high quality LED retrofit of the entire facility, increasing light levels and most importantly creating a safe environment for patients.

The Results
Higher light illumination has been positively correlated with higher patient task performance, communication levels, and fall reduction. The LED retrofit at The Crossings created a safer and more inviting environment for patients. With a greater light quality patients have an easier time navigating independently which reduces stress for patients and staff.

The Numbers
The Crossings Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre electricity consumption in the first three months since the LED upgrade was 30,400kwh lower than their electricity consumption in the three full months prior to the installation. This reduction in The Crossings electricity usage resulted in an estimated utility savings of $1,084.18 in those three months.

Higher light levels are associated with fewer medication dispensing errors and higher job satisfaction in healthcare settings

-The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Heathcare Settings