Recent Projects
Daniele's Banquet Hall
The Challenge
Great lighting and great presentation are integral to managing a successful events space. As a privately run business, saving money is also a necessity. This was the focus when Daniele’s Banquet Hall brought in BlueRock Energy Services to develop and implement an energy efficiency solution for their business. The banquet hall had high energy bills and outdated lighting, which required monthly service calls. BlueRock also noticed that the kitchen was poorly lit, which can lead to food prep issues and dishes being sent back to the kitchen.

The Solution
BlueRock determined that the best solution for Daniele's was to upgrade all existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LED, including the reception area, banquet halls and kitchen. BlueRock understood the building owner was tired of the current ongoing maintenance, which included changing bulbs one-by-one as they went out. The service calls were costly and the lifespan of the bulbs was short, so BlueRock suggested a total lighting retrofit.

The Results
By financing this project, the business owner didn’t have to pay any initial out of pocket costs, keeping his cash where it needed to be, in the business. The project savings and incentives were enough to cover the cost of the project and be cash-flow positive, from day one. The improved lighting quality within the facility enhanced the atmosphere and ensured that Daniele's will remain one of the top event spaces in the area for years to come.
Economic Summary

The LED retrofit improved the look of my events space, saved me money, and, with financing, actually brought money back to my business.

-Jeff Daniels, Owner, Daniele's