Recent Projects
Emerald Equipment Systems
The Challenge
Emerald Equipment Systems repairs large machinery for infrastructure maintenance and mining. Their offices and parking lot were outdated and their tool crib was using old fluorescent technologies that would fail yearly. Similarly, their storage yards were unlit as the pole lights were in disrepair.

The Solution
We used a retrofit LED troffer to bring the T12 fixtures in the offices into the 21st Century. The resulting light quality demanded a renovation of the entire space. The workers in the office are now so glad to be able to see again and feel proud of their updated space. We lit the tool crib with LED tubes that made finding tools much easier. The parking lot and storage yards now feature 70% more efficient fixtures than what was previously installed. The pole lights that were in disrepair were fixed and now the yard is usable again. We also helped secure new LED lights for the paint booth that was being constructed in a new space.

The Results
We secured over $4,000 in rebates and had the project completed under 3 weeks. The resulting upgrades are estimated to save nearly 50,000 kWh annually. Due to the size of the equipment being serviced the addition of workable outdoor areas is crucial for business growth this year and the quick access to tools is sure to increase efficiency for the workers daily.