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Kal Manufacturing
The Challenge
The shop floor was lit with (75) inefficient 400W high bay metal halide lamps and (68) 100W, 8ft. T-12 fluorescent tube lamps. Some lamps were at the tail end of their lifespan which created poor light quality. The metal halide lamps produced an exorbitant amount of heat which increased HVAC costs.
The offices and a large portion of the manufacturing area were lamped with 40W, 4ft. T-8 fluorescent tube lamps. Many of these tubes were inoperable and of various color temperatures which created an inconsistent look and feel.

The Solution
BRES exchanged 40W, 3000K 4ft. fluorescent lamps with 18W, 4200K 4ft. LED tube lamps. The LED lamps consume approximately half the wattage of fluorescent lamps while providing a more consistent light quality throughout the facility.
Utilizing 4200K color temperature lamps provided a lighting environment similar to natural light. High color temperatures have been proven to help reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression related to the change in seasons. In addition, LED tubes can mitigate the symptoms of migraine headaches as they do not create the pulsating effects seen in fluorescent lamps.
Exchanging the 400W metal halide lamps with 60W LED corn lamps and 100W, 8ft. T-12 Fluorescent tube lamps with 36W, 8ft. LED tube lamps provided huge savings by lowering wattage over 85%. The LED upgrades also raised the lighting color temperature which provided workers on the shop floor the ability to better differentiate between similar colors. This is an incredibly important factor when working with high complexity metal products and assemblies.
An additional benefit to the LED retrofit was lower maintenance costs due to less frequent lamp replacement. Given that the lamps are in high bay fixtures and a lift is required to change out a bulb, the time and effort required to replace an inoperable lamp is significant. Since the LED lamps are rated at 50,000 hours which equates to over 15 years of continual use, reductions in maintenance costs due to lamp replacements and increases in production are inevitable.

The Results
Example of Actual First Month Savings from Utility Website:
Electricity Use History
Read Date kwh on kwh off TOTAL KWH Percentage
11/12/2014 40568 9483 50051
11/13/2013 52196 13207 65403
Actual Consumption
11628 3724 15352 23%
Comparison after project installation showing November 2013 vs. November 2014