Recent Projects
Kostas Restaurant
The Challenge
The kitchen and prep area had several inoperable 4ft. 32 Watt fluorescent lamps with low color temperature. The poorly-lit environment left the staff unable to distinguish certain colors during food preparation.
The parking area was lit with 400 Watt metal halide lamps at the tail end of their lifespan, creating poor light quality while still consuming over 9% of Kosta’s overall electric load.
The two T12 60 Watt 8ft. fluorescent fixtures were being used as accent lighting for the outside of the building. Some of these lamps were inoperable which created inconsistent light and caused the building to not be represented in the way that it was intended.
The large globe fixtures in dining area were different colors causing an inconsistent look and feel.

The Solution
Exchanged 32 Watt 3000K 4ft fluorescent lamps with 18 Watt 6000K 4ft. LED tube lamps. The high color temperature LED lamps consume approximately half the wattage of fluorescent lamps while providing an equal distribution of high contrast lighting. This retrofit not only lowered electricity consumption but provid ed employees with a better working environment, making it easier to distinguish colors during food preparation.
Exchanged Five 400 Watt metal halide parking lamps with 54 Watt LED corn lamps. This retrofit lowered consumption by over 300 watts per bulb, which translated into a net savings of $790 over the course of a year. The LED retrofit provides additional savings with lower maintenance costs due to less frequent lamp replacement. The LED corn bulb is rated at 50,000 hours which equates to over 15 years of use.
Exchanged Two T12 60 Watt 8ft fluorescent fixtures with one 36 Watt 8ft LED Tube Lamp. This retrofit lowered consumption by reducing the lamp count to only one lamp per fixture while also reducing the wattage per lamp by 24 Watts. Because these LED tubes are directional lamps, all the light produced is focused directly onto the building. The building is now highlighted and is a focal point when viewed from the street.
Replaced 27 Watt compact fluorescent lamps in globe fixtures with 11 Watt LED Lamps. This retrofit improved color consistency by removing the yellowing effect that is often delivered from compact fluorescent lamps on the tail end of their life expectancy.