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Syracuse Chiefs - NBT Bank Stadium
The Challenge
At night, fans exiting NBT Bank Stadium were having difficulty seeing the steps, creating a significant safety issue. In addition, the Chiefs asked BlueRock Energy Services to look at improving the quality of light at the Whistlestop Souvenir Shop located in the stadium. From the main concourse there was no attention being brought to the store. Once inside, poor lighting diminished the visibility of the products. Each of these factors contributed to poor souvenir sales.

The Solution
In order to provide safe exit from the stadium, BlueRock Energy Services installed low-wattage, high lumen output LED flood lamps to better illuminate the main entrance. At the Whistlestop, old metal-halide bulbs above the front of the shop were replaced with LED’s to draw fans into the store. BlueRock also replaced all the T-8 fluorescent U-bulbs within the store with 5000k color temperature LED lamps. This lighting is the equivalent of daylight and brings out the true color of the merchandise.

The Results
With the addition of the LED flood lamps, the stadium's exterior is now properly lit, providing a safe exit when leaving games ending after dusk. The upgrade to high color temperature LED’s at the Whistlestop has provided fans with a better shopping experience by increasing the visibility and contrast of the products. The Chiefs have seen an increase in sales at the store because of the higher quality of light, while at the same time using less energy to illuminate the shop.

Bluerock Energy Services lighting upgrades have enhanced the image of our Whistlestop souvenier store. This brought more attention to the products which made for a more pleasant buying experience for our fans.

-Jason Smorol, General Manager, Syracuse Chiefs